Sunday, May 8, 2011

What we've been up to...

going on walks

opening and closing car doors

waking up from naps

drinking from sippy cups

walking with walking toys

eating spaghetti

taking lots of baths

reading lots of books

learning to drive daddy's truck

pushing baby strollers

hanging out in bubba's crate

rolling in the grass

chillin' with momma

saying "mooooo"

laughing and grinning

pushing my car

smiling my big cheesy grin

laying back

taking off!
Grady can now say approximately 15 or 20 words.  Can do the itsy bitsy spider...and tries oh so hard to sing it too.  It's seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen or heard.  He knows what the cow says and what the bear says.  He's practically running after learning how to walk a couple of weeks ago.  He's still a little stiff legged but is picking it fast.

He loves giving hugs and kisses... but be prepared...the kisses are wet!  Only the best for the ones he loves!  He still LOVES hayes, but only knows him as bubba.  If we ask him where hayes is he just stares at us, but if you ask him where bubba is, he'll hunt him down!

Grady loves Elmo and affectionately calls him "Mo."  He loves brushing his teeth...all by himself.  We have an agreement...I brush them first and then he can do so on his own for as long as he wants.  I think he likes to use the toothbrush as a teether.  Speaking of teeth, he's got 12 and is working on his eye teeth now.  He'll have a mouth full in the next couple of months.  This also means that he can eat pretty much anything!  His only problem is the amount that he can get in his mouth and still manage to chew.

Grady is still the most adorable little guy in the entire world.  He lights up a building with this sweet smile. Has the voice of an angel when he sings and is so sweet to his momma and daddy.  He loves to cuddle and just be in our laps.  I hope that doesn't wear out anytime soon.

We love you Grady Bears.  You make Mother's Day sooooo special.

Love, Momma

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Happy 1st Birthday Grady!!!

On March 12, Grady turned 1 year old.  He had a big time at his birthday party, throwing balls, playing with new toys, eating lots of cake and icecream.

He even ate his lunch and cake in one of his new toys...a wagon!  He had an all around blast...and was whooped by the time we got home.  He took a long nap only to wake up to more fun.  Trace and Bella were in town with Mom and Mawmaw.

The great-grandmothers
enjoying his hamburger bun

singing "happy birthday"
mom, why have you held out on my for so long????


Taking it all in...

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BIG BOY! You are dearly loved by Momma and Daddy.  We're so proud of you.  Here's to the next year....and many, many more!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

First Haircut

Yesterday was Grady's first birthday!  He woke up to Jon and I singing Happy Birthday.  We filled his belly with waffles and blueberries and headed to the salon for the first real haircut.  He did really well.  He watched Elmo the whole time, so that helped a ton.  I must say, he looks dashing!

pre-haircut with Daddy

the wings are about to be clipped!
Elmo's Song came in very handy for this experience.
Is this almost over????
The end result...adorable!
Birthday bash pictures to come soon!