Sunday, September 12, 2010

6 Months

How has it already been 6 months since I first laid eyes on this little man? 

A few new things Grady is doing these days:

He's eating cereal and veggies like a champ!  So far he likes them all, which is a good thing.  Hopefully he won't be a picky eater.  He's had sweet potatoes, squash, carrots and peas.  He'll have green beans next and then we'll move on to fruits.  Woo hoo!  

Grady is rolling over both ways now and is sitting up (somewhat) on his own.  I found him on his belly this morning when I went in his room, playing with pacifiers and talking to himself.  This makes him seem so big to me.  This morning he even pushed up on his hands and toes and pushed forward, trying to crawl.  I love that he's learning and maturing and meeting his milestones, but I've got to's a little bit sad!

He's starting reaching for people (namely me and Jon), which is so sweet.  I went with Jon and the students from church to a camping retreat this weekend.  My mom came in town and kept Grady on Friday night and Saturday so I could spend the night.  It was my first night away from him overnight.  I thought it would be alot harder than it was.  I, of course, missed him like crazy.  When he woke up this morning, he was soooooo excited to see me!  He was squealing and laughing and hugging me.

He continues to think Jon is the funniest human on earth...Hayes is still the funniest canine.  Jon always figures out what makes him laugh first.

Dear Grady,

    You are such a sweet little boy.  Your personality is becoming bigger everyday.  I can't wait to see the funny thing you'll do tomorrow!  You make mine and Daddy's life better in every way!  We knew that we would love you, but I couldn't have ever imagined we could love you this much.  You are truly a joy.  We love your giggles and's our favorite noise in the whole world.   You have started reaching out for Momma and Daddy to hold you.  That makes us feel so special.
     Jeff preached a sermon this morning on Daniel and the lions den.  He talked about angels protecting us.  Someone asked a preacher friend of his if he believed that we each have personal angels.  The preacher's answer was, "Yes."  And when the man asked how he could be so sure, the preacher answered, "Children grow up, don't they?"  So, I'm certain that God has assigned you your own special angels.  Praise God for His protection over your life!

"For he will command his angels concerning you, 
to guard you in all your ways;
 they will lift you up in their hands,
       so that you will not strike your foot against a stone."
Psalm 91:11-12

Love, Momma


Friday, September 3, 2010


I turned 29 today.  I've entered the last year of my twenties.  I spent the day/evening with the two loves of my life.  Jon came to Lexington to have a lunch date with me, and Grady loved on me tonight.  We took it easy, had dinner at Julie and Jeff's and are planning to go to bed early.  My kind of night!  These are the flowers that my sweet hubby sent me.

Baby Quilt

A friend of mine had her new little boy about 2 months ago and I just finished his gift.  It may be my favorite quilt yet!  What do you think?