Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Little Cowboy!

Where O Where has the Time Gone?!?

Almost two months have flown by since Christmas and I can't tell you anything super significant that has happened...other than our little man sprouting into a little boy rather than a baby!  Why can't they still little longer?

Grady turned 11 months on Saturday and shows every bit of it!  He's standing on his own and is very proud of himself when he does it.  He hasn't taken that first step, but I think by the time 12 months rolls around he'll have at least attempted it.  He's a doll.  So sweet!   He still loves giving Momma and Daddy kisses and hugs.  He's become even more attached to Jon over the past couple of months.  It's pretty amazing to watch him look for Jon's approval already.   I just think it's cool that he already looks up to us.

Grady blows kisses, waves bye-bye, says momma, dadda, bubba, bye, hi, yes, fish and Gus.  We're working on everyone else's names still...just give him some time!  His favorite thing to do is read books.  He'll choose a book over a toy about 8 times out of 10.  His other favorite thing to do is open and close doors of all kinds.  Big doors, little doors, cabinet doors, cozy coup door.  He loves talking to himself in the mirror.  

He's eating lots of new big boy foods (although mom and dad are more apprehensive than we probably should be!).  He has a newfound love of bananas.  He doesn't like them pureed or smashed, but bites...yes, please, and more, thank you!  He loves raisin bread and peaches and pears.  He still is just tolerating green beans, but that might be more to do with the cook than the bean.  I can't figure out how to cook canned green beans until they're super tender.  Suggestions welcome!  He likes mashed taters (sweet and not) and mac n' cheese.  He's just an all around big boy who has a big wonderful personality!

He loves to nap...mostly catches up on the weekends.  He only takes one nap at school during the week, but takes two on Saturdays, sometime for a three hours each!  He soaks up the sleepy on the weekends.

Having a meltdown at dinner

Getting ready for his first haircut

Daddy was the one who gave him his very first haircut...we just clipped his wings!

They could both stand/sit here for hours!

Trace giving Grady a push around in his new wheels!

G loves to push his car around the house...sometimes more than being inside!

another pastime...pulling all the books off the shelf

cuddle time after naptime