Sunday, July 25, 2010

Big Boy Food!

Grady's doc recommended we start feeding him rice cereal.  He doesn't like it very much yet.  Hopefully he will soon, because it's not going away!  Here are some pics of our first adventures.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Updated Reading List

If you haven't read Barbara Kingsolver's newest book The Lacuna, you should pick it up.  It is wonderful.  I've read several of her books and they are all beautifully written, inspirational and make me wish that I could come up with words like she can.  Anyway...The Lacuna is highly recommended.  Thanks Drew and Cack for the Christmas gift!

This year I've read a few books that were on my reading list from last December.

The Lacuna-Kingsolver
A Farewell to Arms - Hemingway
Girls in Trucks - Katie Crouch
On Becoming Babywise - Ezzo
The True Vine - Andrew Murray
Shepherding a Child's Heart - Tedd Tripp
Of Mice and Men - John Steinbeck 
A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens

You may be wondering how in the world I find the time to read since Grady was born.  I have re-discovered my love for books on cd.  I drive back and forth to work 5 days a week for about 35 minutes each way.  That's at least 1 hour and 10 minutes, 5 days a week of someone reading a novel to me.  I love it!  I'm a total goober, but it beats the heck out of radio.  I also read on my lunch breaks and before I fall asleep at night, and just pick up wherever the narrator left off.  Love me, defriend, think I'm a big dork...I'm going to continue having people read books to me while I drive.

Next on the list:  A Tree Grows in Brooklyn - Betty Smith

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Orioles Game

While Jon and I were at Josh and Jessi's last week, Shannon and her friend Dana came in town too.  They came in on Wednesday.  It was fun for us all to be together for a few days.  On Friday night, they were kind enough to babysit while Josh, Jessi, Jon and I went to an Orioles ballgame.  Oh my goodness!  It was such a fun night.  I couldn't believe how good it felt to be out with Jon without worrying about Grady's feeding or sleeping schedule.  I loved it and now can't wait to go on some more dates with my husband.   Here are a few pics from our night out.

Thank you Shannon and Dana for giving us all a night out!  It was much much needed and greatly appreciated!  Y'all are the best!

4 Months

Oh my!  Grady is 4 months old and I can hardly remember life without him.  Well, I do remember that I used to sleep a lot more than I do now...and be able to eat a meal without wondering if the baby is going to cry or wake up before I take my last bite.  But that's about all I can remember. 

Parenthood is so consuming!  Jon and I are learning right now how to continue nurturing our own relationship, and care for and nurture Grady at the same time.  What a challenge it is!  Any advice is welcomed! 

Here are a few things about Grady at 4 months.

-He's more alert than ever before, taking in this big world with every sense.
-He's learning to sit up.  Not there on his own yet but doesn't need nearly as much assistance as he did last month.
-He's rolling over from tummy to back and thinks it's hilarious...and is pretty darn proud of himself.
-He's giggling all the time anything and everything, including things that I would never dream would be funny. 
-He's just started teething and the process has made quite a miserable baby for the past few nights.  I can't wait to see that first pearly white!
-Grady almost always has his tongue at least halfway out of his mouth.  We're hoping teeth will help keep it in more...we'll see!  It's really cute so who cares...
 -He loves his cousin August.  Gus likes to give him hugs and kisses and gets really concerned when Grady cries.  They had a good time together last week!
-Grady looks a little more like his momma every least he does to Momma!  His mouth is all Jon.  He's got the biggest, brightest, sweetest gummy grin and he gets it so honest!  His eyes and many of his little expressions are all me!  I love it! 

Dear Grady,

We have had such a good time with you this past month.  You make life so much more interesting and fun!  Momma and Daddy love seeing you smile and love making you laugh.  We're so glad to know you're a happy boy!  My favorite thing about you right now is that if we are in a room together, but I'm not holding you, you make sure you know where I am.  You'll look up every now and again from whatever you're playing and find me - even from across the room - and flash me that big gummy grin. I don't think that will ever get old for me!  I smile back and coo at you every time I see it!  I love you big boy, and can't wait to see what you do next month!

Love, Momma

Washington D.C. "Vacation"

So the biggest thing I learned this past week was that vacation with a four month old is no vacation at all!  Jon and I went to visit family this past week on a sort of vacation.  Josh and Jessi live in Maryland and are fairly close to D.C.  Our intentions were to go into the city a couple or three days throughout the week.  We got about a day and a half of D.C. in and were pretty miserable the whole time.  Grady is just so unpredictable right now.  We never know if he's going to want to take a nap or if he'll actually sit in his stroller.  Anyway...I don't think we'll be going on a tourist vacation until our kids are much much older...or staying with grandparents! 

We did get to relax the other days we were there.  We pretty much stayed at Josh and Jessi's all day and hung out as if we were at home.  It was just nice to be with family and away from our career responsibilities for a week.  I think this was the longest we've ever been with Josh and Jessi consecutively ever!  It was so fun and I think it would be amazing to live in the same neighborhood as them.  I would love to be able to go walking with Jessi and our boys every evening!