Sunday, November 29, 2009

We've Relocated!!!

For 2 years and 9 months I've wondered what it would be like to live in the same town as where our real life was happening. You see, we moved to KY that long ago and found jobs in Lexington...all of which fell together perfectly in a matter of about 40 days. We started praying about moving in the beginning of January 2007 and both had jobs by mid February and closed on our first house in mid March 2007. It is still remarkable to look back and see God's hand guiding our steps throughout this journey...down to which side of town we bought our house. The funny thing is that all the doors opened for us to buy a house in Lexington and have jobs in Lexington, but we were called to be at a church 35 minutes away.

We knew right away that we wanted to go to Hope Community Church which is quite a drive, but it was totally worth it! We started volunteering with the student ministry in December 2007 and have been working with them since. Jon was offered the job as our new student pastor in June of this year and we knew that we wanted to sell our house and move closer to the church. It's been such an amazing journey of next obedient steps with the Lord.

We continue to see God's faithfulness to us on a daily basis. What's so great is that He's not faithful simply in return for our good deeds, but because faithfulness is His nature. God is good. We know his love more every day and have been so blessed to walk in His ways through all of this journey.

All that to say, we loved living in Lexington. There was a purpose behind us being there and not here immediately. And I am so excited for this part of our life...where we live in the same town as our life is happening.

I'm just so thankful for God's provision in our lives. I'm so thankful for God's timing. I'm so thankful for Jon - a husband who seeks the Lord for every step along the way and trusts God fully even when it doesn't seem to make sense.

I hope you're all doing well!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Little Boy Named Grady

We found out for sure that we are having a little boy in March. His name will be Grady Daniel after my two grandfathers. My dad's dad is Grady Byron Parker. He's a retired preacher and is a man devoted whole-heartedly to Jesus. My mom's dad was William Daniel White, Jr. He was also an amazing man of God. He loved the Lord and his family more than any man I've ever known. I am truly privileged to have know him. We called them both Pawpaw and if distinction from one another was necessary, we always just used their last names, as in "Pawpaw Parker" or "Pawpaw White." Yes, we were are creative bunch! Anyway...all this to say, both of my granddads were and still are amazing men who have strived to honor God with their lives. I pray that Grady is a boy, young man and man who honors God with his entire life. I pray that his testimony is this: "I have known and loved Jesus for as long as I can remember."

Grady means "Child of Nobility" and Daniel means "God is my Judge." I am praying that our little man embodies the meaning of his name on many levels. I pray that he conducts himself in manner worthy of the gospel of Jesus Christ - honorable and noble. I pray that he never has to think too hard about who he'd rather please - man or God. I pray that his little life is pleasing to the Lord even I know it is!

I'm feeling the little dude roll around, kick and punch me throughout the day now. I've never felt anything so cool. It is the most reassuring feeling too! I love feeling him move around in my belly!

Here is an updated belly picture! I think I've grown a lot since I last posted.

My visit with Mom and Trace was really really good. Here is one of my favorite pictures from the weekend. I think Trace was definitely the cutest cowboy in Kentucky!

Mom and Trace were here over the Halloween weekend, and we had a fun, full weekend. They came in on Saturday and we went to trunk of treats with our church. Then to church on Sunday. After church we went to eat and then Jon rode Trace around the church land on the four wheeler...then we went to my friend Barbara's farm to ride horses.

Then after that, we rushed back to my house and cleaned for someone who was coming to see the house! I've got to say I wasn't really excited about this since I feel like so many people have come to see it and no one has made an offer. I felt like we were doing a lot of work for nothing.

Well, we now have a contract on the house!!! We will be closing on November 30!!! I am so excited. I will most definitely miss this house and our neighbors but it is going to be so good to live in the burg where our life really happens. We are going to be renting for a while and have found seriously the perfect house. It even has huge fenced in yard for Hayes.

So that's all the news for now. Soon I'll be able to say we've officially moved and I've started setting up little Grady's room! Fun times!