Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone has had a good Christmas!  We sure have!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nine Months!

Grady is 9 months old and acting every bit of it.  He's all boy.  He plays hard, and sleeps hard, loves being tossed in the air by Daddy, adores Hayes, our dog, and is always super excited when Daddy helps him ride Hayes' back.

He gets excited about the little things in life, like the refrigerator door opening, his red ball bouncing, getting his teeth brushed, reading about Thumper the bunny, empty water bottles, eating watermelon through a little mesh thingy for babies, taking baths, drinking water from the end of Momma's straw...or from Momma's water bottle.  He bangs on his toys instead of gingerly playing, he turns them every which way to figure out how they work.  It's awesome to watch him grow and learn.  He's pulling up on everything and starting to cruise around a little. 

Grady now has 6 teeth and won't stop drooling so I'm sure more are on their way.  He's still a sweet, sweet boy and a true joy. 

(A couple of notes on the pics included: #1 don't be jealous of our gorgeous orange burlap'll have to find a set of your own!  #2 Jon's eye is scary, yes.  He took a finger to the eyeball last week playing basketball.  Frightening as it may be, it looks about 1000 times better today than it did 10 days ago.)

Happy 9 months Grady Bear!  Momma and Daddy love you little man!