Saturday, December 12, 2009

Help! I Am So Indecisive!

Here are two options I'm thinking of for the bedding in Grady's room...

I've started this quilt and really like it, but I realize too that if you stare at it too long, you might have a seizure, because it's so busy. Lots going on with the patterns...

I've also thought that maybe I should scratch that whole color scheme and go a totally different the pattern of the quilt that shown on this blog post of Crazy Mom Quilts, only made with the material shown the white.

Do you like the blues above or blues on the right better? I just took one of the patterns out entirely in the right hand picture. I don't want anything too babyish, because I want it to last for a while in his room. But I don't want it too grown up or girly either...Opinions???

I really want to paint the room a pale, pale blue (paler than any blues shown) and have a white tree like this painted on the wall. I think I could do that with either of these quilts. Don't you?

Any opinions are welcome...


1 comment:

  1. I think if you are going to paint the wall blue, go with the blue patterns. Just a suggestion but you could also modify the top quilt and take out some of the patterns but still keep the color scheme so it won't be as busy. You go girl... for making a quilt! I am impressed!